Picture Perfect Team Building

photo-booth-team-buildingNow that summer is well and truly over and autumn is undoubtedly underway, levels of motivation and productivity at work can easily begin to slip. As the days get shorter, temperatures drop and the weather gets duller and greyer seemingly by the day, it’s all too easy to fall into a slump.

If this sounds familiar, isn’t it about time you did something to reverse the trend? Team building activities are a great way to get everyone motivated and refreshed; make your event even better with photo booth hire!

There are many benefits to team building, ranging from increased cohesiveness within the team to the development of meaningful relationships between co-workers. With everyone stuck thinking about summer or looking ahead to the festive season, autumn is the perfect time to organise a team building event!

Boosting Morale

Whether you are planning an afternoon of fun away from the familiar surroundings of your workplace, or are heading out for an event elsewhere, a photo booth is sure to guarantee the success of the occasion. Offering a wide variety of different booths to suit different events, not to mention the extensive range of backdrops, props and more, there’s plenty of fun for everyone with a photo booth package.

So how will a photo booth improve your team building event?

Photo booths are a great ice-breaker – the perfect way to get everyone to mingle. Especially useful for larger businesses or where people from different departments who might not know one another are coming together, they can help get the conversation flowing and kick-start the event on the right footing.

Photo Booth Hire Provides the Entertainment

Once the occasion is in full flow and your team building activities are underway, the role of the photo booth can then shift towards providing a more fun, relaxed experience. Create bespoke, lasting memories of your event which can then be sent to colleagues or framed in a special collage to then hang on the wall in the staff room. Get everyone to experiment with fun props, poses and different backgrounds to really make the most of the opportunity and maximise the fun factor!

At the end of the day, any team building activity you organise should be both enjoyable and beneficial. When office morale is low, photo booth hire can be the perfect antidote to the colder weather, providing a vital means of improving levels of productivity within the workplace.

If you would like more information about photo booth hire in Scotland, we are able to cater to a wide range of functions, occasions and events. To discuss your individual requirements, please get in touch with us today.