Birthday Fun: Sweet Sixteen

16th-birthdayThe start of the school season each year brings a surge of parties and reunions organised by friends, for friends. These parties can hold many different meanings and stand for various purposes, but the most common form of reunion amongst high school friends is the “sweet sixteen” birthday party.

There is just something exciting about turning sixteen, right? It is the point in life where things begin to change. Teens who turn sixteen usually request grand birthday parties from their parents, all in an attempt to make their special birthday as memorable as possible, and what better way to make a party more memorable than with a photo booth?

Below are three ways a photo booth can light up your child’s birthday party.

Fitting In

Have you got a theme in mind for your child’s sweet sixteen? Are you worried about all the little details and that the decorations might run against the theme and end up ruining everything? If you answered yes, then a party photo booth may well be your solution. The party photo booth can fit in with your theme without spoiling your well-thought-out decorations – one less thing for you to worry about. Not only this, since photo booths come with a diverse range of props and backgrounds, you can rest assured it will fit in with your chosen theme effortlessly.

Friends, Friends, Friends

On sweet sixteen birthday parties, children tend to invite their friends—all of them. Be it Jack from around the corner, Pete from footy practice or Sally from maths class, you can be sure that your child will invite all of them. The trouble with this is that the guests are not well-acquainted with one another, which can cause a somewhat uneasy atmosphere. This uneasiness can often transcend to a cold war in teen parties, if not kept in check.

When it comes to people having fun and getting acquainted with one another, nothing does the job quite better than a photo booth. Photo booths encourage the sharing of fun and memories amongst guests, which can make the party more engaging and seem more like a social event. So, you may well find that Jack from the corner and Sally from school have become really good friends by the time the party ends.


The primary intention of holding an event is usually to ensure that the event is memorable, right? Party photo booths can go a long way towards making that happen because they provide your guests with a keepsake of the occasion to take home with them. Also, in today’s day and age, children absolutely love posing for selfies and with various props to hand, they can get as creative as they like with their besties.

Party Photo Booth Hire in Scotland

Scottish parties have always had a reputation for being incredibly memorable, so if you are looking for a way to make your child’s sweet sixteen birthday party come to life, then consider party photo booth hire in Scotland. For more information on our photo booth services and to find out how our team can customise your experience for you, give us a call on 0141 259 0111 or contact us online, here.