3 Reasons Your Corporate Event Needs Photo Booth Hire

corporate-selfie-timeDespite all your best intentions, many corporate events end up being much more formal than fun. You find yourself feeling obligated to attend the event, make awkward small talk with the other attendees and hopefully try and build your professional network. However, isn’t it about time to say goodbye to boring corporate events once and for all?

People are constantly looking for new and innovative ideas to make their workplace occasions and corporate events memorable for all the right reasons. Why not take advantage of this and try something new at your next corporate event? For instance, photo booths are a huge hit. Let’s face it; who doesn’t love to pose with quirky props amidst colourful sets and backgrounds? Give your attendees more reasons to have a great time with photo booth hire – see your next corporate event instantly spring to life!

Here are three reasons why you should include a photo booth at your next corporate event.


Networking is not always a pleasant experience at corporate events. Many people can end up feeling shy and anxious, sticking to their own small groups rather than getting to know new people. However, photo booths can kill the awkwardness and get people to mingle. The next thing you know, people will be queuing up for their turn!

Marketing Tool

Corporate events are all about promoting your business. What better way to do it than by sharing all the details of the event across your social media platforms? However, you can make this even more interesting with the help of a photo booth.  Get people to pose with props that represent your company or business, or get them customised with your brand’s logo. You can even create your very own company hashtag to accompany the photographs. Wherever the photographs travel, your brand goes too. Now, isn’t that a great marketing tool?

The Fun Factor

Photo booths are undeniably a lot of fun. They can make a fantastic addition to corporate events and even have the ability to turn yours into the best event of the year. Choose photo booth hire for your next event and transform a dull corporate necessity into the life and soul of the party!

Whether it is a traditional photo booth, green screen photo booth or a selfie pod that you want, we have a full range of different photo booths to cater to your unique needs. To find out more about the range of services that we offer, please get in touch with our team today.