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June 2017

Why Do We Take Pictures?

photography-memoriesPhotographs are one of the best ways that we have to preserve important memories and special occasions for the future. Over time, memories themselves can often fade and become disjointed as we forget the finer details, but a photograph allows us to keep even the smallest of details in place long after the event has passed.

Although fun photographs and photo booth hire are the go-to approaches for modern photography, in the past, photography was available only to those who could afford it.

Formal photographs and stiff family snaps took over from the humble portrait, providing a far more convenient method of preserving family moments for posterity. However, as technology has advanced and progressed, cameras have become more accessible to the masses – accounting for the rise in amateur photography and eventually leading to the vast popularity of the hobby today.

The popularity of taking photos only seems to increase with each and every year, especially with photography at our fingertips thanks to today’s era of smartphones and digital cameras. But why has photography proved to be such an enduring hobby?

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10 Fun Photo Booth Props

propsWhen you hire a photo booth for your event, you are opening the door for a world of fun and tomfoolery – below we have listed our 10 favourite props to have fun with while having your picture taken!


Wigs are a firm favourite amongst our clients who hire our booths for their events. Dress up as someone else, or to simply just look as silly as possible!


One of our favourite props has to be comedy glasses, as they are so simple, but very effective when it comes to amusement. Pick a pair of glasses to go with the theme of the night, or to draw attention to your amazing pose.

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