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May 2017

Creating a Picture Perfect Wedding

vintage-cameraFor many people, their wedding day is one of the happiest days of their lives – the joy that comes from saying your vows, and intertwining your life with another is something extra special, after all. While this is a day you will never forget, having the right pictures to look back on is a big part of getting married, and one that is big business.

Can you put a price on documenting the happiest day of your life?

Creating a picture perfect wedding ceremony is down to the perfect blend of organisation and choosing the right photographer. Capturing everything else at your reception, your friends, family and loved ones at their happiest requires something else entirely, and photo booth hire could be just what you need.

Once the ceremony has finished and the happy couple has exchanged rings as a token of their undying love for one another, it’s time to party! Now is the time for everyone to let their hair down and celebrate, and what better way to give your guests a sentimental keepsake than with a unique photo of your happy day.

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Say a Thousand Words with Photo Booth Hire

photo-booth-wedding-hirePhotos are one of the best ways that we have to remember the times and the people that matter the most to us. A photograph is a stolen snapshot in time, frozen for future generations to see. Photographs allow an easy way to look back at events and occasions which have long since passed; an easy way to remember the good times.

Photo booth hire is the perfect means of ensuring those extra special moments are captured for many more years to come. Memories can fade over time, but with a good photograph, you will instantly be transported back to the exact moment when the photo was taken.

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