5 Reasons Why Photography Matters

photographs-memoriesAs one of the most accessible and creative art forms available to the masses, photography has more than earned its place in the nation’s hearts. Thanks to its instant ability to capture people, places, events and emotions, photography can incorporate an entire life through a series of snapshots.

From quick camera snapshots to photo booth hire in Scotland and further afield, photography continues to be a vital part of our lives. From photo albums to online image sharing websites, our finest visual masterpieces beg to be shared, displaying a unique picture of life from our own individual point of view. No two people’s perceptions of the world around them are the same, therefore no two photos will be the same. It is this individuality and creative flair that ensures photography is still as relevant today as it has ever been.

Here are five reasons why photography still matters in the digital age and the world today.

Preserving Memories

Photographs are one of the best ways we have of preserving our memories. Everyday moments and special occasions alike are treated equally by the lens of the camera, ensuring that a full spectrum of life is captured for posterity.

A Lasting Legacy

Photographs are a permanent, lasting way of creating a legacy for future generations. How many times have you been sorting through a box of old belongings only to stumble across an album of photos from years gone by? The people and places of those long-ago days may be long gone, but their memory and legacy live on through these snapshots in time.

Sharing the World

People have an inbuilt desire to share the photos they take with those around them. Just look at the popularity of photo sharing websites and the abundance of photographs on social networks, and you will soon see how important sharing is when it comes to images. However, that’s not all, as photos can actually also offer a unique dialogue as a way of communicating. Passion, creativity, beauty and individuality are all present in the photos we take – it is our exclusive perspective on the world that we are sharing with the people around us.


A photographer is an artist; photography is an art form. Photos allow us to express ourselves, whether it is through stunning landscape photography or the quirky depiction of something that would otherwise be quite unremarkable. By choosing the subject, lining up the shot and pressing the shutter button, we are artists.


A powerful image has the ability to move us in a way quite unlike anything else. Bold, striking images can instantly grab our attention, yet subtle, cleverly put-together imagery has the power to appeal directly to our emotions. Photographs lead us on a journey of discovery along with the photographer, experiencing new things and searching for the hidden meanings and symbolism behind the image. Beauty, sadness and joy can be found hidden amongst the colours, shapes and patterns of the photograph, just waiting to be discovered.

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